The Lanark Highlands area is simply one of the best for snowmobiling. With groomed trails galore, plenty of open space and a winter tourism industry which caters to avid snowmobilers, the perfect way to see the beauty of winter in the Highlands is on a sled.

The area is home to two active snowmobile organizations: the Snow Road Snowmobile Club and the Kingston and Pembroke Snow Trails Association.

The Snow Road Snowmobile Club, located on the western boundary of Lanark Highlands at 1106 Gemmill Rd., is a non-trail grooming organization. Established in 1976, it continues to be a meeting place for the community and holds many events throughout the season, including dinners, snowmobile driver training and bingos. The Kingston and Pembroke Snow Trails Association is a volunteer club for signing and grooming snowmobile trails from Plevna to east of Perth and Clayton.

To find out more about either organization or trail conditions, visit or call the clubhouse at 613-278-2022 or email

An Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs trail permit is required to ride on all trails and can be purchased through more than 20 business locations in the Kingston and Pembroke Snow Trails Association area. Seasonal trail permits usually cost about $250, with reduced rates for buying early. Seven-day or three-day permits are also an option, with the cost dropping considerably. More information, including purchase locations, can be found on the website.